Sunday, June 26, 2022


  • Hillel Academy of Broome County was founded in 1962 in response to a community need for intensive Jewish Education
  • Hillel is located in one of the smallest Jewish Communities to house and sustain a Day School.
  • Hillel encompasses all elementary grades, Kindergarten through Grade 5
  • As a community school, Hillel students and families reflect the diversity of the Jewish Community
    Family synagogue affiliation approximates 35% Orthodox, 20% Conservative, 25% Reform and 15% unaffiliated
  • Hillel graduates enter High School with about 7 years credit towards the New York State graduation requirements.  Most students have met their Foreign Language requirement by completing the Hebrew Regents exam, achieved success on the Math A and Earth Science Regents exam, and earn advanced placement in Spanish with successful completion of the Spanish Proficiency exam
  • Hillel curriculum includes all mandated subjects in the general studies and a complete range of subjects in Judaic Studies
  • Music, Art, Physical Education and Computer instruction are all incorporated into the school day
  • Student resources include IPad Classroom, full school Library and Computer resources.
  • Professional and highly experience faculty with about half being at the school for 10 years or more
  • Small classes and low teacher-student ratio allows for individualized instruction
  • Multi-age instructional model offers enhanced academic opportunities and increased social interaction in our small, co-educational classes
  • Hillel Academy is a beneficiary agency of the Jewish Federation of Broome County and receives support from all segments of the community

We are proud to be a member agency of the Jewish Federation of Broome County

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