Thursday, August 11, 2022

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Esther Feldhamer, Class of 2005.  Esther currently serves in the IDF, in the only co-ed infantry unit in the world.  Kol Ha'Kavod to Emily! 

Class of 1975:

Andrew Davids offers greetings. "I attended Hillel Academy for K-4 from 1970 - 1975. I am now a rabbi and serve as executive director at a day school in Manhattan, Beit Rabban. It was interesting to have Hillel Academy show up on my facebook page! Who knew! G'mar tov, Andrew Davids (at the time, I was Andrew Dick)."

Class of 1985:

Dave Schadick writes in from sunny Irvine, California, "about 40 miles south of Los Angeles. We love it ! My daughter is to be Bat Mitzvah'd in July 2011 and has been a proud student of Hebrew school and of Temple for the past 7 years or so."

Class of 1987:

Daniel Steinberg writes, "I attended Hillel until 5th grade when we moved to Syracuse. I am the Coordinator of Outreach for the Columbus Community Kollel in Ohio, but my heart remains in Vestal, NY."

Class of 1988:

Aaron Rothenberg writes in to say hello . . . from Israel where he lives.

Class of 1989:

Rachel Steinberg Rubinstein: "I attended HA from K-4 till we moved, and had a great class of friends! Hi to GraceAnn Menewich, Merideth Walsh, Laura Shadick, Eric Rosenberg, Heather Oppenheim - and all the rest - wherever y'all are!! I'm a PA and live in Brooklyn NY now. Love the site and pics. Thanks!"

Class of 1991:

Abigail Sasnowitz Lazarus. I'm a mother of 3 and work as a CPA. I live in Clifton, NJ. If you're ever in the NY area, we'd love to have you for shabbos!

 Class of 1993:

Bethany Bleier is living in San Francisco with husband and children, teaching Middle School Judaic Studies in a local Jewish Day School.

Class of 2005:

Michael Alweis is currently a student at the University of Pittsburgh.

Class of 2010:

Elisa Alweis is currently a student at Binghamton High School.


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