Thursday, August 11, 2022



At Hillel Academy, each child is treated individually, her or his education tailored to the specific strengths, talents and needs of that student. The curriculum aims to realize the potential of each child at every stage of development.  From kindergarten through eighth grade, the curriculum is designed to provide a stimulating and enriching environment that is both academically rigorous and personally fulfilling.  Hillel Academy is committed to multi-age education, which attends to the needs of each student at his or her own level. The multi-age curriculum enables teachers to deliver a more creative, integrated and flexible education, and helps foster a close-knit community of children and teachers. Each classroom is equipped with state of the art computers including wireless internet technology.

When schools moved online in March, each of our students received an updated Chromebook (Ipads for our youngest students). Classes continued synchronously without a hitch, with a full daily class schedule.

Pre-Kindergarten (Ganeinu)

Ganeinu is a class for 3-4 year olds that introduces our youngest students to fun, social learning. Some of our special activities include learning about Jewish holidays and Shabbat. Students will also learn the basics of the English and Hebrew alphabets, colors, shapes, and more.  In Ganeinu students enjoy music, dance, and painting, as well as field trips and some extra surprises!


The kindergarten program offers reading and writing in both Hebrew and English, Hebrew language instruction, /tefilah/, as well as math readiness, science classes, social studies, Spanish language, and art, music and gym classes. The kindergarten class participates in school field trip activities such as apple picking, zoo visits, and local arts performances.  The children take part in school events and celebrations such as the annual Chanukah concert and the science fair.  The kindergarten provides the children with the skills they need to succeed socially and academically in later grades.

Elementary School

Building on the solid foundation of kindergarten, elementary school students pursue their studies in Hebrew language, Judaic Studies, reading, math, social studies, science, art, music, and gym. The emphasis remains on the needs of the individual student, on creativity and flexibility.  In the elementary years, the student marks developmental milestones through such events as the siddur party, chumash party, and the introduction to the multi-age programming.

Service Learning

Hillel Academy is committed to the development of each of its students from a holistic perspective.  In order to provide as complete an education as possible, Hillel Academy has committed itself to the concept of service learning, in which students make connections with the wider community as part of their academic pursuits. Students construct and execute projects within the community that are of mutual benefit; projects are designed to enhance the students’ academic studies while at the same time providing valuable public services.  Students use these projects to reflect on the value of public service and on their place in society. Service learning enables Hillel Academy students to grow as responsible and productive members of the community.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Hillel Academy aims to provide a well-rounded and fulfilling experience for all its students, including a range of extra-curricular activities. These include the school play, which has a long tradition, and which offers opportunities for children from second to eighth grades. The Hillel Academy Orchestra, recently added to the extra-curricular constellation, meets weekly to develop their skills and rehearse for performances in the school and the community.

Special Projects

Our students put on annual science and history fairs, and many special events, including Keynote presentations on Jewish Women throughout History, and more.


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