Wednesday, December 19, 2018


Hillel Academy is committed to teaching each child, from the earliest opportunity, a diverse secular studies program of science, math, English and social studies. Students are advanced ahead of New York State mandated standards to the best of each child’s ability.

Hillel Academy promotes the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social and physical health and development of the individual child; the visual and performing arts and physical education are an essential component of both Judaic and secular studies. Our instructors tailor the pace and style of education to the specific strengths, needs, and learning style of each child. We encourage the child to embrace the world with confidence and to achieve his intellectual, emotional and spiritual fulfillment. An expert and dedicated faculty impart skills of critical analysis that extend beyond the classroom while encouraging creativity and excellence in all fields.

Julie Piaker, School Administrator

Dr. Caleb Conklin, Prinicpal



Julie Piaker, School Administrator

Dr. Caleb Conklin, Prinicpal


Secular Studies


Sarah Thomas, Grades K-5 

Judaic Studies

Ilana Segal, Grades Pre K-5

Sori Estersohn, Grades K-5 Judaic

Hadasa Slonim, Pre-K

Rabbi Moshe Shmaryahu, Grades 2-5 Judaic

Rochel Chein, Grades 4-5 Judaic


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