Saturday, January 19, 2019


Rabbi Ami Adamit: Judaic Studies,  2nd – 5th grade

I served six years in the Israel Air Force then I graduated from Bar Ilan University with a teaching license. Since then I have been working in education for nearly 40 years in Israel and abroad. I was a shaliach a few times through the Israeli Ministry of education and the Jewish Agency, in England, the US and Canada. Also, I received my Rabbincal degree, which currently I serve at Beth David Synagogue. For ten years I was principal of Temple Israel Hebrew School. In the last 16 years I have been teaching at the Hillel Academy. At the same time since I've been in Binghamton  I over see  the local chapter of the youth group of NCSY which is part of a national organization. I am married with children and grandchildren.

Sori Estersohn: 
Judaic Studies,  K – 5th grade.

I hold a Master's Degree in Special Education from the College of New Rochelle and I have been involved in education for the past 12 years. I have taught second grade in both Queens and Brooklyn. After that I went on to be a special education itinerant teacher(SEIT) in various preschools in Queens. Right before I moved to Binghamton, I was a P-3 provider in Forest Hills, Queens, providing special education services to high school students. Currently, I teach English studies to third grade in Hillel Academy, as well as Judaics to 1st -5th grades. I am also involved in a program called Meor Upstate, where I give classes to university students on a variety of topics in Judaism.

Hadasa Slonim, pre-Kindergarten (“Ganeinu”)

Hadasa Slonim is a skilled teacher with experience teaching, tutoring and working with children in various settings.  This is her fourth year teaching. Hadasa grew up in Oak Park, MI a suburb of Detroit.  She graduated from Beis Chaya Mushka High School in Oak Park, MI and continued her post-graduate studies at Yad Ramah – Bnos Menachem Educational Seminary in Bournemouth, England.   She has experience teaching, tutoring and working with children in various settings.  Known for her sensitivity and understanding of others, Hadasa directed the Friends at Home program at the Friendship Circle, a non-profit working with special needs children and their families in Livingston, NJ for three years. Currently, in addition to teaching Judaic studies to Ganeinu and Pre-K at Hillel Academy, Hadasa is co-director of programming at the Chabad Center, hosting tens of events and programs, impacting hundreds of students throughout the year.